Marvel Fluxx

Superheroes are hot right now, and none more so than Marvel heroes! The time-honored Fluxx card game and the venerable comic superhero universe have come together and the result is suitably epic.

Long-time gamers will be very familiar with Fluxx, which has been around for decades. The premise is extremely simple - at the outset, the rules are: draw a card off the deck, then play one card. These rules get modified and added to over time, making the game a chaotic free-for-all. The idea of the game is to play Keepers in front of you (Thematic cards which help you win the game) and also try and manipulate the GOAL so that you have the Keepers that are necessary to win. The Marvel flavor keeps what works well about Fluxx while doing away with elements that are not always as well-loved (like Creepers, cards that prevent players who have them from winning the game). Some of the new cards are thematic in fun ways, like Groot, a Keeper who requires you to say no words other than "I am Groot." If you forget and say anything else, Groot goes to another player.

Marvel Fluxx also comes with a high quality "current player" coin that is affected by a certain card, and may have seven bonus cards depending on where you purchased the game. This version will have wide appeal and can be played by a wide age range. Marvel Fluxx is a great addition to the Fluxx universe and does the Marvel universe proud.