Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx

The latest version of Fluxx - Looney Labs' chaotic card game of ever-changing rules - continues the Star Trek theme begun by the versions inspired by the original series and The Next Generation last year. This edition has a similar art style, so if you liked those, you'll likely like this one as well. While much of the game will be familiar to anyone who knows Fluxx (it has some similarity to the more generic "Star Fluxx"), it adds some nice touches such as the keeper "Morn" (like the character himself, you must refrain from speaking while his card is played in front of you) and the creeper Jem H'adar, which you can give away to another player after discarding a keeper. The new rule "Rules of Acquisition" lets everyone steal a keeper or creeper from someone else each turn. And many of the keepers have special abilities as well. This makes this version of Fluxx interesting and compelling for those who are already Fluxx experts - yet the game is still simple for new players to learn.

I had thought gamers might tire of the Fluxx formula but they have been eager to jump into DS9 Fluxx. Obviously it's a must-buy for any fan of the show. And the Fluxx goes on! There's not much more to say, grab a copy and play!

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