Time Breaker

When I first brought out Time Breaker at one of my events, someone commented, "That artwork looks like Fluxx, from Loony Labs." Good eye - Time breaker is by the creators of Fluxx, and provides the same sort of chaotic "loonacy."

Players are agents of the Time Repair Agency, working to capture and bring in the Time Breaker, a temporal terrorist who acts as a sort of slippery temporal football. To stop the Time Breaker messing with the timeline, move across the randomly-set-up grid of the game board, following the arrows (each time square warps to one other time square) or playing cards from your hand to move laterally, vertically, or to a specific time.

If you reach the time where the Breaker currently is, you can (and must) verbally declare you are making an arrest, and you're on your way to winning - but first you have to get back to HQ - easier said than done. Everyone will be trying to get to where you are and make their own arrest, and there are also "Breaker" cards that let you act as the Breaker, causing him to slip away or shutting down squares on the board. It's an ever-changing fun house game experience that should not be taken too seriously. Relaxed players will have a great time with this. My players liked it a lot (even the ones who don't care for Fluxx, which surprised me.) It's fast and fun. Check it out at the Looney Labs web site.