Star Trek Fluxx (x2)

Star Trek, as a concept and a franchise, is inextricably woven into our popular culture, and for good reason - it imagines a future where humanity strives to be its best, despite significant challenges. In a world of entertainment (indeed, in a world of reality) that overwhelmingly seems to be sliding towards dystopia, this is a refreshing and evergreen idea.

The Looneys at Looney Labs have released not one but two editions of Star Trek Fluxx - one based on the original show, one based on the Next Generation, and have even provided a "bridge" expansion so you can play with both versions together in a way that they interact (for example, needing to collect both doctors, one from each show). This is something new in the world of Fluxx - you could always combine decks, but with mixed (no pun intended) results. Fans of the shows will be pleased to see all their favorite characters, and the ideas of the shows are used in thematic ways - such as the new rule "Darmok," which states players can only speak in names, numbers, and sounds, similar to in the much-loved TNG episode.

With every new release of a version of Fluxx... and as you know there are many.... the question may arise "How much Fluxx is too much Fluxx?" Will Fluxx one day reach saturationville and overstay its welcome? That day, should it ever come, is not today. Star Trek Fluxx is a must-buy for any fan of Star Trek, and any fan of Fluxx. It's interesting and entertaining and does right by its venerable source material. I highly recommend beaming it up.