Starship Awesome 3000

There's a hint of the old and new in STARSHIP AWESOME 3000, a game newly launched on Kickstarter. The hex grid play mat recalls war games of decades past, while the deck of cards ads a fresh twist on tactical space combat. But is the game right for you? Let's take a closer look.

On the aforementioned playing mat you will place your spaceships, and move them in the hopes of getting a clear shot at your opponents. Obstacles, in the form of asteroids, will sometimes get between you and block a shot. Each player gets a player board, a starship, an asteroid marker, 2d4, 2d6, & a d12. Each of the player boards will have six spaces to place action cards. And each player board has details on the phases of the game. You can see an illustration of the game components below:

The phases of the game are as follows:

Phase 1 - assign dice as you see fit.
Phase 2 - move your ship, and fire on your opponents if possible. When hit, a player must discard their lowest-ranked card, which is bad. After resolving attempted laser-blasting, players configure and charge their weapons (using cards) and charge up their shields (if possible - a die roll is needed),

If a player's ship takes enough damage to take out all that ship's weapons (cards), that ship is destroyed and the attacking player is declared the winner!

With the dice and the cards, there is some luck in the game, but that's not a bad thing. The player has significant control over the way the random elements effect their ship, by assigning the different dice types to different tasks, and by placing and combining cards strategically. Die rolls can allow someone who's behind to catch up, or just cause exciting random surprises. It's a light-hearted game and players can relax and have fun with it.

Head on over to the kickstarter (link coming soon) and check it out!