Math Fluxx

"There are a lot of numbers here," said my nephew, age 3, as he looked around the edge of the swimming pool yesterday to see the various depths marked on the side.  My nephew is still a bit young for Fluxx, but it's a game for young and old. As you probably know if you're into games, FLUXX is a game with a long history and many published versions - over a dozen flavors currently in print. The most recent additions include Chemistry Fluxx and Math Fluxx. You don't need to be a math whiz to win at Math Fluxx. As in all versions, you win by having the right "keeper" cards at the right moment. You can win even when it's not your turn and even sometimes when you weren't expecting to! For example, if you have a "4" and a "2" played in front of you, you can win when the goal is "The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" (ask your parents if you don't get that one). As always, it's a game of chaos and unexpected fun. Now with added numbers!