Card Castle

Card Castle is a fun new take on the card slapping games you played when you were a kid, like Slapjack and Egyptian Ratscrew. It has broad appeal due to its simplicity and you can learn to play in under two minutes.

1. Players take turns flipping cards blindly from the top of their Army decks onto the center of the table or playmat.

2. When slap cards are flipped (doubles, doors, or wizards), the first player to slap the card wins the battle and adds the card pile to their Reinforcements. But be careful… Don’t slap the Dragon or you'll lose a card!

3. Once a player's Army deck is exhausted, their Reinforcements are shuffled to form a fresh Army. Battles continue until there is only one player left with cards, and they are crowned the ruler of the Card Castle!

In an interesting twist for games with three or more players, those who have been completely defeated in battle (aka have no army or reinforcements for one full round) join Team Dragon and  can get back into the game, burning entire card piles whenever they out-slap their opponents!

My team of play testers enjoyed Card Castle.  Check it out on Kickstarter now!  (link)