True Story

True story: I play, teach and demonstrate games as a hobby, so I am very familiar with the challenges of trying to teach a game to a bunch of rowdy party gamers. Sometimes it seems everyone is either talking, tipsy, or glued to their phone. So I greatly appreciate games with well-written and simple rules. TRUE STORY is one such game, you can explain it in under one minute and even the most obnoxious partier will understand it. And even enjoy it, because this is a game of talking about yourself - or imagining yourself as other than you are. And getting to know your fellow players in the process.

The game works similarly to the old game "Two lies and a truth" (also known as two truths and a lie). It's a storytelling game of perception and deception. Simply draw a card from the deck, the card will have a prompt on it like "Party" or "Scary" or "Kiss." These are the jumping off points for your memory or your creative fiction. It might seem difficult to make something up on the spot, but you will find it's easier than you expect. If you're stuck, you can always take a true event and change it up. After your story is told, your fellow players must guess if your story is true or false. Fool at least half of them and you win the card. Collect three cards and you win the game! But if you have made merry with friends and learned some unbelievable true things about them, you are all winners. (In the base rules, you take a drink when you get fooled or fail to fool enough people. Alternative rules for teetotalers are available online).

I'm excited about True Story. Other than Malarky, there are not a lot of storytelling bluffing games out there. This is a good one, and I am pleased to see they're doing well on Kickstarter. Please consider backing them and making True Story a reality!