The Daedalus Sentence

In the year 2083, an alien race known as the Loctae descended on planet Earth, killing billions and capturing and containing the few million that remained. The survivors were sent to locations throughout the galaxy, to work as slaves or as subjects for genetic experiments. The most infamous of these locations, known as the Hive, is a Loctae space station orbiting Ganymede.... 

So begins the game experience The Daedalus Sentence, a cooperative game of planning, adaptation and escape for one to four players.  The big draw of the game is the rotating board that the players explore and reveal, that shifts and moves every turn such that players need to predict where things will end up so they can navigate the prison and not get trapped behind a wall or grabbed by one of the monsters or guards and thrown back in their cell. If that happens, another player will need to return to the central area and rescue you.  Here we see three players imprisoned as the bad guys patrol the station:

My players can be tough to impress, but they all really liked The Daedalus Sentence.  What I liked best about it was the sort of "fun house" atmosphere it creates as you strive to reach the airlock at the edge of the station and escape. There's a feeling of a crazy shifting perspective as the rings move and your situation changes.  The walls that stopped you in the mid-game could save you in the end game since they stop the monsters as well. The puzzle-like gameplay is well suited to a co-op game and the random room selection and abilities keep things interesting. Some rooms let you exert control over the movement of the station or the monsters. You'll definitely need to work as a team to win, and there are many ways to ramp up the difficulty as you get better at the game.

The Daedalus Sentence is an intriguing and enjoyable co-op board game experience - definitely worth a look if you like this kind of game. You can learn more here.