Watch Ya' Mouth

Watch Ya' Mouth is a game that launched on Kickstarter only a few months ago, but has already spawned multiple imitators - the sincerest form of flattery.  The game is simplicity itself: a stack of cards and 10 plastic mouthguards.  Slip one in your mouth and you have 60 seconds to get your partner or team to guess the wacky phrases on the cards - go through them as fast as you can. Whichever team guesses the most will win, but if you're like my group you won't care who wins because you will literally be falling over laughing, with tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. Too hard to guess?  Use the easy variant that allows charades and pointing to help you out.  Game gets too easy because you get too good at speaking with a mouth opener in your mouth? Go back to the "strictly legit" version and nod or shake your head as the only form of feedback.

This game is a must-buy for anyone who loves silly, ridiculous party games and isn't grossed out by the prospect of putting a plastic item in their mouth (the mouthguards are top-rack dishwasher safe and can also be boiled if you're worried - two members of my test group did go rinse them off first even though they were brand new.) Being adventurous sorts, we launched into the Not Safe For Work expansion pack immediately, and were not disappointed - it's definitely not for kids! We also tried the family-friendly base cards and they were also very funny.  There is just something hilarious about someone talking with their mouth held open, and even better is the super-funny guesses people come out with. We also tried an "all play" version where one person read phrases and everyone else guessed; the first to guess each one would win that card and the reader would score based on all cards guessed in that minute. (This is a good solution if you just can't get someone to put the device in their mouth and they just want to guess.)

Good clean/dirty fun.  Recommended. Learn more at
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