Cheer Up

CHEER UP, a party game by Chris Rio, has launched on Kickstarter!  I tried this one out with my crack (and I mean crack) team of play testers, and they all enjoyed the game - a worthy way to begin or end a game night, said they.  In our game the humor was more of the "what a clever/appropriate/ironic/gross combination of cards" variety, rather than loud laughter provocation.

The game - like all party games these days it seems - is a reaction to Cards Against Humanity, but it trumps its predecessor by allowing players to construct a multi-faceted response to a prompt on a card using a set of cards chosen from multiple options - rather than simply choosing one card in response - which is, like, SO 1999. In addition, there are cards that add to the wacky fun by making players speak in a funny accent, stick out their tongue etc - to spice things up further.

This additional opportunity for creativity is most welcome.  And this game is worth a look, so check it out now on Kickstarter! 
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