ADAPT, by Gate Keeper Games, is a tactical and strategic game of battling to be the baddest fish in the sea, for two or three players (expandable to support more players).  As you play you'll accrue Experience Points which you'll spend on new and nifty parts for your fish, to help you survive against the opponents who are looking to do you in. Check out all the neat ways you can customize your fish:

The game will likely draw comparisons to Evolution, a 2014 game that has enjoyed much success, but personally I like ADAPT even better than Evolution.  ADAPT offers a higher level of customization in a way that just makes sense - your player mat features a space for your Body card, surrounded by spaces for a horn, dorsal fin, tail etc, in the appropriate places.  This is the game some of my players were hoping for when they playtested Evolution; a game in which you really feel you are building a beast, not just knee-jerk reacting to what other players are doing. Rather than just choosing from the cards that come into your hand, you're watching what's available and spending accordingly. Rather than just eating, you're evolving in a hierarchical way and taking the battle to the enemy.  I like that the game makes preparation and conflict the centerpiece and does not shy away from player elimination.

ADAPT is a gamer's game, but there's a simplified version to play with "guppies" (kids) that uses fewer slots for adaptations (cards representing specialized parts of your fish).  While there's still a lot to keep track of, this makes it more accessible to younger or newer gamers.

I received a beautifully printed prototype and used my own dice - the finished version will look even better and will come with multiple sets of fish-themed two-toned dice.

I would like to thank the creator of ADAPT for being great to work with during the review process - he really "gets it".  Congratulations on a really neat game and best of luck with the kickstarter!  To all who like games with tactics and customization, with some exciting dice-based combat, I encourage you to check out the campaign and consider pledging today.