Retro Loonacy

Retro Loonacy is a fast-paced game of matching iconic pictures.  The rules are simple - find matches between the cards in your hand and the cards in piles on the table, and play your cards on those piles as fast as you can.  The first player to empty her hand wins!  I love the artwork and the old school background colors on the cards.  As I have shown the game to various groups, I've noticed people play very differently.  Some people shout out the name of the image they're matching - "Rocket ship!  Lava lamp!  Record player!", some people talk some good-natured trash, and some people play in intense, exciting silence. You can only play one card at a time - no stacks of cards - and only use one hand, to give everyone a chance.  Still, some people are just really good at this sort of game and it's a fun challenge to up your game and beat them. 

Retro Loonacy has gotten a lot of positive buzz from game groups I've introduced it to, and has had many repeat requests for play.  It's a simple and fun game anyone can learn in under a minute.  I encourage you to give it a try - it's from the good folks at Looney Labs in College Park, Maryland.