Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions is a new game on Kickstarter (ending soon!), created by a mother and sons team called Diamond Dust Dreams.  This is their second game, the first being a game called "Kitsune: of Foxes & Fools."

The idea behind Bad Decisions is, each turn a judge (called the "Bard") draws a card which provides a framework for a story, then the other players choose cards from their hand to fill in the blanks, and the Bard picks the story he or she likes best.  It plays very much like a mashup of a PG-13 version of Cards Against Humanity combined with Mad Libs.  Here's an example of a Story card:

Today we find (fool) involved in (crisis)  Find out who (bad decision) and why, after the break.

Each player has five of each of the three other card types in hand.  How would you play  this one if you had these cards?:

fool cards:
a bickering, opinionated lawmaker
that raging comic book nerd
your least favorite person
a playboy Arab prince
an enraged naked woman

crisis cards:
not getting the best seat at the movies
a burglar attempting to sell stolen items back to her victims
the return of Halley's comet
hearing a dissenting opinion
pet feces on a child's grave

bad decision cards:
leapt into the tiger pit
promised to lead a military coup
spanked a bear
confiscated a doll's miniature toy gun
literally chased an ambulance

You might present the following:

Today we find (an enraged naked woman) involved in (not getting the best seat at the movies)  Find out who (spanked a bear) and why, after the break.

As you can see, the cards range from the innocuous to the inane to the outrageous to the disturbing.  You can make the cards go together well or go for random crazy combinations.  In the example above, the woman is enraged because she didn't get a good seat, and the nudity becomes a bizarre side note.  

The standard game calls for the Bard to collect all the combos and read each one, but I liked the variant in which each player performs (reads out loud) the story they created, acting like a TV news personality.  If necessary, perhaps one could tweak the language just a bit to make it flow better.  I'd read mine like this:

Tonight on News 5!  An enraged naked woman left out in the cold! She didn't get the best seat at  the movies.  Find out who spanked a bear - and why - after the break!

For added fun, add a random set of cards and see what happens, as in the CAH variant.

Bad Decisions is a worthy successor in the line of "everybody submits cards and the judge chooses" games.  I advise you to check it out on Kickstarter.  Film at eleven!