Go Hunt: A children's game for playful adults

Take the childhood card game "Go Fish" and infuse it with a good amount of double-entendre silliness, and you have Go Hunt, a naughty little number that will have you giggling.

The game play is familiar - each player is dealt a hand of cards and must ask other players for cards of a certain type, in attempt to make pairs or four-sets (players decide ahead of time whether to play for sets of two or four.)  Memory will play an important role as the play passes around the circle and it's your turn to ask for cards.  Here's the kicker: instead of asking for "sevens" or "aces", you are asking for various types of animals, such as a deer with a magnificent set of antlers ("Claudia, would you show me your 'Nice Rack'?) or a rotund dachshund (Bob, do you have a 'Fat Weiner'?) I know it sounds ridiculously immature, but you have to experience this if you have a play group with adults with a relaxed or puckish sense of humor.  My friends who haven't played it yet will pick it up and start laughing just looking through the cards.

A couple of minor quibbles - as with any humor-based card game, once you've seen all the cards, the surprise aspect of the humor will be gone,  And some of the slang is a bit different from what I am familiar with, though it's easy to get the gist.  But with the right crowd, this game will shine.  It's ideal for any sort of singles or get-to-know you event with fun, easy-going folks.  As the images are of real animals (sometimes with cartoonish touches) and there's nothing R-rated in the imagery, it could, theoretically, be played by children, but it really shouldn't be.

The deck doubles as a standard deck of cards, so you can play any standard card game with it. You can learn more and purchase the game at www.gohuntcards.com.

If I may make a request, I'd love to see some friends from the world of birds in the next printing - perhaps from the Sulidae family ("boobies") or the Paridae family ("tits").  Or perhaps some crustaceans ("Do you have Crabs?")  You get the picture.