Monster Mansion

Monster Mansion, a quick-moving cooperative dungeon romp for two to eight players, is currently on Kickstarter.  The game got fully funded in just two days, but the stretch goals are worth a look, so be sure to check it out and back it if it appeals to your monster-battling side!

The game plays like a better, much streamlined version of Betrayal at House on the Hill; you control a character with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and explore a creepy, fantastical house and its dungeon level, finding fancy gold coins along the way and using them to purchase wondrous items you'll use to help in your battles with legendary creatures.  Much attention was paid to the coins - the ones you use in the game have a nice heavy feel.  The game is quick to learn but requires some real thought on the players' part if they are to win - you'll want to always keep your character's unique traits in mind, and will definitely want to avail yourself of the fancy items you can buy anywhere along the way (you can buy or sell items at any time - even on other players' turns - to keep the game rolling briskly along.  The game rulebook explains that the shop works by magic.)  In our first game, a mystic hourglass granted us five extra minutes of game time, which was crucial and gave us just enough time to escape the Mansion.

Monster Mansion is good fun for most anyone.  I advise you to check it out - IF YOU DARE...