5Pax - 10 quick and light dice games in one small paxage

An interesting trend in the game world these days is "micro games" - the game equivalent of flash fiction, those super-short short stories of a few hundred words.  One game I reviewed last year plays in just one minute (SNAFU). Micro games are very quick to learn and play and generally can be played by almost anyone.

Galliant Games' 5pax is something of a misnomer, as the pack of games you get in their new kickstarter project now contains 10 games, not 5.  But 5Pax is just plain catchier than Tenpax, so 5Pax it is.  Galliant plans to create a total of 25 micro games if funding of the kickstarter is successful.

So what do you get when you back the project?  There are many options, from a single game board sent to you as a postcard (you provide your own dice) to everything and the kitchen sink.  The standard Pak includes 10 games, complete with game boards, dice and markers, as shown here:

The games are varied in type, and break down like so:

Light strategy games - You'll have decisions to make but won't sprain your brain... Save the Princess, Morph Chess, Trapped, TwentyOne

Sporty games - Games with a sports theme. Dodge ball, Horse racing, football

Dexterity games - Use your magic touch to win.  Toss, slide or flick the dice. Bowling. Marbles, Tennis

The 5Pax collection aims to provide something for everyone in a compact convenient package. I enjoyed the casual nature of the games and they provide a nice counterpoint to the lengthier strategic games that are so popular nowadays. The friend I tested the games with liked them and said she'd take a look at the project.  I hope you will too. The kickstarter is at the following link: 5Pax - Fast Dice Games