God Hates Charades

God Hates Charades is a game launching on Kickstarter today.  The creators bill the game as "A chance to act out the vile and despicable in all of us."  The premise is easy to pick up - draw an ACTOR card (will have a celebrity or character written on it) and a SCENARIO card (will have a ridiculous situation or action on it) and try to get the other players to guess both.  It's fun, it's edgy, and it's perfect for those who love - or think they might love - inappropriate behavior.  Learn more at godhatescharades.com or in the interview below.

What was the impetus for God Hates Charades?  Do you guys actually hate Charades, and if so why?  Where did this idea come from and how has it evolved over time?
God Hates Charades came from the idea that we thought too many party games focused too much on mechanics and not enough on your friends acting and joking around like idiots. What evolved over time is the guessing and acting mechanics. The actual experience of playing the game was something we captured pretty early on in our play test and made sure to maintained as rules changed.

Your animated videos are very impressive.  How'd you make them and where did you get the music?
So I play music in the band Giggle Party. Some of the music I wrote and some of it is bands whom we are friends with. I felt like the art, music, and game itself all had to match. I think we did a good job getting those things to aligned. If you check out Giggle Party's art work you'll see I've had a long history of working with artist Damien Weighill as well.

In the example video, in which Batman is banging away the pain, he says the word "pain".  Shouldn't he get gonged for that?
Good catch. I did get gonged for that. During editing we left it in because we thought my act out was funny. Bad job at playing the game. Good job at "Batman banging away the pain." I love that combo by the way. It's just so perfect and explains why Bruce can just never get over it.

After the release, what are your plans for God Hates Charades?  Are you going to release a whole series of God Hates games?  Perhaps a game show on premium cable with celebrities doing charades and impressions of each other and other shocking things?
God Hates Charades is going to be our primary focus for the next couple of years. I think lots of companies have made it a habit of continuously going to Kickstarter, which I can see the appeal of, but we don't really want to do that. We just want to see GHC continue to work with the community of fans we've already had success with.  We announced a voting feature on our  our site and in the first seven days we received 81,000 votes. That was pretty shocking. So we can really imagine getting the community involved in helping evolve the game into something better than we could have ever imagined.

Any word yet from God on what he thinks of the new game?  Should we expect a release of "God Hates 'God Hates Charades'"?
God has his/her hands full. I don't think it's spending much time thinking about our game.

Describe a day of game development with your team.
We start each day off by playing a game and breaking it down into what we liked and didn't like about it. We then usually pitch ideas for other mechanics and games just to get the creative juices flowing. We usually prototype that out to some degree. And once we feel real good and loosened up we start work on God Hates Charades. We are a very modern gaming company, all of us have worked on games or computer software in the past, so we usually scrum and get to work building out new game content, website features, or mobile versions of our game.

The rules seem to say it's ok - but not recommended - to simply describe the actor and the scenario.  Any tips for motivating players who might be a little shy about actually acting out some of these things?
We find if you start acting out the scenario before you start acting out the actor you can get more into character. The most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone looks stupid acting like "Nick Cage trying on pants that are too small," so just have fun with it. That's the best thing about the game. It's not serious. So get over yourself. Let out some giggles. And if all else fails, drink.


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