ApocalypZe: it's all about survival

Zombies are overrepresented in today's entertainment market.  Movies, TV shows, and all sorts of games feature these rotten critters.  But ApocalpyZe, a unique card game originally promoted through Kickstarter, is not just another brain-munching splat-fest.  Rather, the game presents a post-apocalyptic setting with real tension and make-or-break decisions.  The zombies are only a part of what you'll face as you attempt to survive - the most dire enemy being ultimate starvation, simulated by your ever-shrinking draw pile.

Each player gets a customizable deck of 60 cards (you may use 45 if you want a shorter game) including one "stronghold" card, representing your "home base."  Cards consist of scavenging locations (which give you an opportunity to replenish your deck), defenders (who you place on your locations), raiders (who you deploy to other locations) and weapons and equipment (which you "attach" to your defenders or raiders to assist them.)

Although there is a combat phase in the game, the essence of this game is resource management.  During the session I played in, I seemed to be doing quite well, and attacked my neighbor repeatedly.  Because I had so many defenders, I needed to consume more cards, while she hung on and I basically fought myself into starvation.  The decisions about how and where to do battle are more interesting than the battles themselves; the outcome of the game is often going to be close (and often surprising.)  

Don't dismiss ApocalypZe just because it has zombies.  This is a game with a unique feel and some very unique gameplay mechanisms.  The end of the world has never been this much fun.

You can learn more and purchase the game at the Nine Kingdoms web site.  Also be sure to see the updated rulebook.