"Open Up" to your friends with a new conversation game

Wiggity Bang Games, creators of the wacky-funny party games FURT and QUELF, have released an interesting twist on the old "Truth or Dare" type conversation game: Open Up is simply a colorful container of sturdy paper strips each with a provocative question.  (Unlike their earlier games, this one is strictly for the adults).  Good friends, brave souls or those who wish to know more about one another use these prompts by pulling them out and asking each other (or by handing them to one another to answer), or, if you insist on making it a more structured game, Wiggity Bang has suggestions on their web site for more game-like variants, including a "truth or dare" version, and one in which players guess if someone's response is true or made up.
Open Up Sticks
Elegant in its simplicity, Open Up provides many ways to play and will likely provide some memorable or eye-opening answers.  For example, I learned I was greatly in the minority in answering in the negative when it comes to "Have you ever photographed yourself nude or allowed someone else to photograph you nude?".  Apparently this is something everyone does now.

Another way to use the strips would be as subject matter for a game like Loaded Questions or Things, in which you have to "guess who said which."

I enjoyed my "Open Up" experience quite a bit, and look forward to playing again.

Learn more at the Wiggity Bang web site.

FURT Box Enlarged


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