Casual Game Insider: a game "MEGAzine"

Casual Game Insider, a print and digital publication traditionally geared towards game retailers (it is sent out in printed form to thousands of them) has recently completed a successful Kickstarter and is now tailored to casual game players of all stripes - with the positive goal of making board gaming more accessible to people of all ages, simplifying the gaming experience and reducing the barriers typically associated with gaming.

Casual Game Revolution is the force behind the effort, and they express the following credo: "We are passionate about casual games and are working tirelessly to bring positive change to the board game industry."

If you are a bona fide game store, definitely check them out - the magazine is free to retailers!  It's also available by direct subscription to everyone else.

Some example articles:
  • What you read and what you play (Book preferences as an indicator of game preferences)
  • Myth of the gamer girls (Guest piece by a female writer)
  • Hierarchy of gamers ("There is no such thing as a non-gamer")
  • What can the board game industry learn from the casual video game industry?
  • Think Fast: three tips to keep your strategy game casual
  • Inside the Game Crafter (company that publishes one-offs or very small runs of games)
And many more - plus of course, tons of game reviews and glossy ads to get you interested.  Check it out today!  Non-digital games are alive and well - and so are printed magazines!