Worst. Game. Ever.

I was trying out "Google Patents" and this item came up in a search for board games.  

"A board game apparatus is provided which is intended to facilitate communication between parents and children regarding facts and attitudes in the area of human sexuality and to provide learning experiences which will lead to improved communication between parents and their children and adults."

This just seems like a bad idea.  Awkward all around, especially if the adult gets a lot of questions wrong (or if the kid knows much more than expected.)  This patent was awarded in 1980, though; I suppose kids in 2010 learn about this stuff from the web.  If parents in that era wanted to off-load the responsibility of teaching their kids about sex, the game makers should have made a game for kids to play without adults, and mitigate the embarrassment factor.  But the game doesn't seem to have anything to recommend it - there's just a plain track of squares on the board, the only concession any kind of styling is a lone sperm on square 25.

How about you - what's the most awkward, broken or just plain unfun game you've ever seen?