Drinking Fluxx

After three million decks sold, venerable, multivaried and ever-changing card game FLUXX turned twenty-one this year, and is celebrating with a new edition - Drinking Fluxx! This version has been in development for 10 years and is the first Fluxx to feature (optional) drinking rules. Interestingly, the designer rarely indulges in alcohol himself, but reportedly enlisted the help of his "boozy friends" to craft the best possible Fluxx drinking game. But how will drinking mix with Fluxx? Let's take a look.

Fluxx veterans will have no problem getting into Drinking Fluxx. The game works just like regular Fluxx, with the addition of all-alcohol themed cards and some cards that cause players to take a drink (these can be removed if desired). Fully Baked Ideas, the publisher of Drinking Fluxx, reminds all players to know their limits, choose to take small sips if they wish, and always designate a driver.
All the familiar standard types of Fluxx cards are in the game - Goals, Keepers, Creepers, Actions, and New Rules.

The Drinking Rules card is a Meta Rule that controls whether drinking is a part of the game. When all players agree, this rule is in play for the entire game. Here are some of the New Rules that can be played when Drinking Rules are in effect:
  • Forbidden Word - the person who plays this chooses a word - anyone who later says that word has to drink (Conversely, there is also a "Required word" card)
  • Move the Card! - at the end of your turn, you must move the "It's My Turn" card to the player whose turn is next - otherwise, drink
  • Toastmaster - during your turn, you must remember to make a toast, otherwise drink twice
And some of the new Action cards include:
  • Not it! - silently touch your nose. The last person to touch his or her nose must drink
  • New Vocabulary - choose a new word for Forbidden or Required word in play
  • Switch to Water? - If anyone feels a player had had "one too many," that player can be required to switch to water. He or she gets to draw three additional cards.
As you can see, it's Fluxx with a fun alcohol theme (the Goals are mixed drinks, shots, and situations resulting from drinking) mixed with classic drinking party games. My players enjoyed the game and one person actually won by accident, which seems appropriate for a game of this type. A possible difficulty would be following the rules while inebriated. Some folks have difficulty with Fluxx even when stone cold sober - addling their brains would make things additionally challenging. But this has always been intended as a short, silly, fun game and although rules change, the game follows its own internal logic and is not hard to understand once you've played a few times. My players enjoyed it.

Drinking Fluxx is a festive and fun addition to the Fluxx canon. And the cards are 100 proof... spill-proof!  Enjoy it responsibly!

For a video of members of the Fully Baked team playing the game, please see this link.