Holy draw four, play all! It's BATMAN Fluxx!

The venerable Fluxx, the brightest star in Looney Labs' constellation of games, has been around since way back in 1996, at at last count there are over 15 versions and variants out there.  The latest, released today, is Batman Fluxx, adding a new theme featuring one of the icons of the American mythos.

The players I tested out the game with were excited to see it's based on a fondly remembered animated TV show version of the Batman universe, and the game adds some interesting new ideas to the classic chaotic Fluxx mechanism.  For those who haven't played before - it works like this.  Each player starts with a hand of three cards, and the game starts with the Basic Rules: Draw one, play one. Do what the rules say, but over time people play new rules and change the existing rules.  This keeps things interesting and possibly confusing - but you can always just check what the rules cards say, they are on the table for all to see. The object is to play Keepers in front of you when the Goal is favorable to your Keepers. But there are also Creepers in the deck - which will usually prevent you from winning.

Some of the new ideas in the game include:
  • Creepers now prevent anyone from winning, not just the person who they are in front of. Thematically, all players are working together to rid Gotham of crime.
  • a pair of handcuffs that allow you to take one villain out of play
  • Some keepers provide game benefits for the player who played them
  • and more!
It's impressive that Looney Labs has been able to keep the Fluxx concept this fresh and multivaried after all these years.  I encourage you to pick up Batman Fluxx - my friends did!

Learn more and purchase the game at:  http://www.looneylabs.com/