DICEcapades: a party game by Haywire Group for 2 to 6 players age 12+.

Dicecapades is a simple and fun game similar to Cranium in that it combines various disparate activities into one package. Depending on what section of the game board your pawn is in, you will be called upon to perform mental challenges, physical challenges, or answer trivia questions. The big selling point of the game is the 133 dice that are included. The weakness of the game is the fairly limited number of cards included - there are actually more dice in the game than cards! Another flaw is the box design; it is made to show off the dice, but there's not really any way to easily store the dice in the box as presented. Despite these shortcomings, creative gamers will find ways to use the dice to expand this game and even create new ones.

I've played twice and enjoyed myself a lot (despite a slight muscle pull when arm wrestling a fellow player during one of the physical challenges.)

Recommended for those who like Cranium, Pictionary, or dice in general.

There is also a version for young kids age 6 and up.

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